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Innovation and Your Freedom.

Who are the most agile and innovative beings on this earth ? Children! Along our journey to freedom we must remember how to move through this universe as if we are children.For instance if a child is placed in a new environment they are capable of adapting and thriving given the proper circumstance. The innovation from within will allow them to be able to accomplish amazing things. Take for example the act of learning how to walk and what you must observe in order to be motivated to take the next step. When a child takes has accomplished their first steps in this life he or she recognizes 3 simple things.

  • I am not were I was
  • I am not where I want to be
  • How to get from where I am to where I want to be?baby steps

Our Journey to Freedom can be compared to this experience of learning to walk .Even as we age we are no different than a toddler stumbling through its first journey across the living room floor as it relates to Universe. As we continue further into our journey any step we take whether large or small will put you in a new space by its very definition. When you have challenged your self to take action and you are rewarded by stepping into a new space in which you will be able to take a deep breath and acknowledge that “I am not where I was”. Here is also where we will learn progress is rewarded and should be celebrated by creating opportunities that were not available to you previously.

For example in the article The Big Quit I share my experience of quitting my job in order to gain more freedom , once I did quit my job I was able to look around and observe my new situation and identify what new freedoms I afforded my self by taking this step. As a result I am now able to dedicate more time to discovering things that I am passionate about in this life like painting and writing for beautiful people like you!

  • As a child of this Universe you must take a moment to adapt to this new perspective.universe Learn everything useful until you have done more than just adapted , you have learn how to thrive here.Soon you will have taken all the the nourishment that this space has to offer and you will began to say to yourself “I am not where I want to be ! “. It is easy to get stuck here because we become comfortable with the method that allowed us to make it this far.    As humans we naturally repeat anything that produces a positive result and so we  attempt to use the same method that got us this far in our journey.
  • Define your Freedom 
  •  Take Inventory of your life
  • Take action.

What is going to happen here?  We will continue to produce a consistently positive result just as before . But who among us wants to keep taking the first step , over and over again. Not Me ! So where does leave us ?aaaa

It leaves us Asking the question we as children of the Universe and humans on a path to freedom must continue to ask throughout the entire Journey. How do I get from where I am to Where I want to be ?


Innovation of course ! Without innovation our steps will make us travel in a circle but when we let ourselves be open to using the new information and freedom gained by experiences along this journey we are able to choose a new and rewarding direction in our path .With the addition of Innovation we now have an more efficient way to get to the next step. Now the process becomes

Define Your Freedom

Take Inventory of your Life

Be Innovative in your journey

Take Action

Here is my next assignment. How can I use my newly discovered Freedom to get more ?
Until next time Keep Searching !

The Big Quit ! The first step on the Journey!

Welcome Fellow Freedom Seekers!

Here I am, its 2016 and 2 months ago I was what many people call the average modern day city dweller. My life was complete with all the trappings of the concrete jungle; the mediocre 9-5, an outrageous amount of student debt and a car that starts everyday only because it had to or else life would self-destruct. I was in a conveniently tortuous space.A space I refer to as The limbo of life .The limbo of life is a space in time where every action in your life is taken simply to maintain your life as it is.

The limbo of life can be Limbo_d439a3_1927806accompanied by a feeling of never being happy despite dancing according to the rules of the game. It is a helpless feeling of never achieving the ultimate manifestation of ones greatest potential because one may be afraid to take action in order to  control our life experience.

Every one of us on this journey to freedom will undoubtedly have unique challenges during this “limbo of life” . The manifestation of the obstacle or the limbo bar if you will, be it poverty,passion or persecution is the minor difference in the struggle . It is irrelevant. What is pertinent to understand is that everyday we can choose to stop dancing under the limbo bar and stand upright to overcome it

judge lynn toler

On this particular morning March 26th of this year to be exact I woke up to the song of my daily limbo, my alarm clock. I got out of bed and into my car and we danced along to our sole purpose of getting this day over with as soon as possible. I drove to my call center job to which I was reluctantly on time. The further I made it down the hall to my cubicle the more sullen I became. I realized that I was losing the game. I was not happy that the stuff of my life depended on  another persons purpose and it hadn’t helped that I was struggling living paycheck to paycheck. I had bent as far back and as low as I possibly could. After speaking to my supervisor I knew this was my last day.I walked out of that building unsure of what I had just done but I never looked back !This was my First act !

You might ask what freedom could you possibly gain by quitting your job.

Here is brief list of the immediate rewards !

  • Absolute control of my Time
  • Freedom from conventional methods of success
  • Freedom of Creativity
  • Time to cultivate meaningful relationships.

For the past 10 years I had been dancing all around and under my unhappiness . Why ?I needed to know what was next for me.My lack of growth and the belief in my potential brought complexity to a very simple question. Am I happy here ? If the answer is No then it is absolutely time to take the first act towards your freedom !

Please feel free to share your First act towards Freedom and how it has affect your journey. Until next time Keep Searching !

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Freedom How ?

Define Your Freedom

Taking Inventory of Your Life !

Time to take Action !


Time to take Action !

On the Journey toward personal freedom I have found it increasingly important to be very organic and as honest as possible.Lets face it. This is the real world.The challenges the average person face in a 24 hr cycle can seem endless. There are problems of all sorts ranging from personal finances to just being comfortable in our own skin. In the face of adversity we must remain concerned with overcoming the obstacles that stand in way of living the best life possible for yourself, what other choice do we have ?

When you are on the path to your Best life you cant afford to be distracted. This is why it is so important to define your freedom and take inventory of your life so that you are aware of what is to be attracted and focused upon. True Freedom is the ultimate goal. When you take inventory of your life you understand that just the presence of yourself means that your resource pool is infinite.Anything outside of yourself that is on your inventory list is icing on the cake. Here we are again left with the question always asked when you have more work to do ? What is next ?
After all we have decided to live a fulfilling and free lifestyle , defined our freedom , and taken inventory of our lives in preparation of this Journey . What is next ? Action ! Today and from here on forward every thought that is productive in this Journey must lead to action.

I leave you again with my next personal assignment . What Action will you without a doubt take Immediately to get you a step closer to your freedom.

Within 7 days I promise myself I will ….in order to get closer to my freedom

My action Promise: Within 7 days I promise myself I will call one of my debtors to make a payment that fits my budget  in order to get closer to my freedom


Feel free to comment with your action in the comment section.Until next time Keep searching !


Taking Inventory of Your Life !

Taking Inventory !
The last time we met we spoke about defining our Freedom and trying articulate what it is that we hoped to achieve from our journey. Lets reflect on some of the items on this list ; financial independence ,deeper relationships, more happiness .After making my list I found myself asking what is next ? What do I with this list full of wishes ? How do I get there ? I sat still trying to conjure up some type of yellow-brick road to emancipation. I had come to the conclusion that there had to be more than one way to Freedom! Furthermore whichever road myself or any sojourner chooses to travel we all know one thing is constant. The constant is the need supplies, resources and information to sustain …. Very simple right ? Imagine you decided to take a camping trip without any prior preparation. You would arrived to your site and realize that perhaps you neglected to pack clean drinking water. What would you do?

Would you turn back giving up on that beautiful peace you planned to experience during your camping trip or do you search for the alternate solution perhaps you brought along an old pot or had knowledge making a filter for your water.Of course we search for the alternate solution.
There is no doubt that along our Journey to freedom you come to a place where we are met with an obstacle to overcome .At this moment do not be discouraged if your are unsure if you have everything you may need for your trip. This is the perfect time to dig deep into yourself.

Take inventory of your personal arsenal in order to better understand your position and what is needed to improve your position. Challenge yourself to utilize any existing resource you have within your grasp. Think of all the little skills you possess from life and how you can utilize them and don’t stop there! People are resources as well. If you have good people in your corner they can be as valuable as a private jet in a time of need.

Here is an assignment if you will !Sit still and take Inventory of your life from top to bottom account for every asset you have access to whether it be a natural ability of your own like emotional intelligence or perhaps you have a car which can attribute to your ability to generate more income. Look at every nook and cranny, take note of anything that can be considered an asset.This will help with confidence in ones ability to succeed on this task towards freedom and also identifying any weaknesses. I will post a picture of my Inventory list below.  Until next time keep searching !

Resource list in Picture Form Keep Searching

Freedom How ?

FreedomHow is a platform to discover how myself and others like myself  can take steps to gain more or even total freedom by taking control of their lives one step at a time. This process involves challenging your present circumstance within this life and taking strides Mentally ,Financially and Socially to bring about True Freedom from the inside out. FreedomHow is the north star for the modern urbanite on a path to a personally fulfilling life. For myself there is a deep yearning for more substance in my life and through this platform I intend to do more than just talk of Freedom but I will walk towards freedom. I invite you to walk with me as I document this Journey through  my blog sharing all the challenges and triumphs of finding personal freedom. Keep Searching!

looking up


Define Your Freedom

How do we begin the search for personal freedom ? The question as it stands alone seems to be a very daunting and  impossible task.Every day our society floods our thoughts of what it looks like to be rich or beautiful but have you ever watched a commercial that was advertising freedom.The answer is no such a commercial does not exist because freedom is a personal vision. Once we realize that freedom is not one size fit all  then we come to a moment when there is nothing left to realize except that  it is important to first define what Freedom means to you. Make a list of about 15 items that co that scream happiness and liberation to your most simple self.While making this list be careful to be as honest as possible and have fun !

Below I have made a list of what freedom means to me please feel free to comment with your own list or suggestions. Keep Searching !

  1. Live on my own time.
  2. Financial Stability
  3. Business Owner
  4. Balance in my personal relationships
  5. The ability to be completely honest.
  6. I would like to travel
  7. Freedom from conforming
  8. Confident in myself
  9. Able to express myself through my talents
  10. Free from any obligation that is not in my best interest
  11. The ability to learn without restriction
  12. The ability to love without boundries
  13. Be in Peak Physical Condition
  14. Maintain a Balanced emotional state
  15. Being yourself.



Define Yours