Welcome Fellow Freedom Seekers!

Here I am, its 2016 and 2 months ago I was what many people call the average modern day city dweller. My life was complete with all the trappings of the concrete jungle; the mediocre 9-5, an outrageous amount of student debt and a car that starts everyday only because it had to or else life would self-destruct. I was in a conveniently tortuous space.A space I refer to as The limbo of life .The limbo of life is a space in time where every action in your life is taken simply to maintain your life as it is.

The limbo of life can be Limbo_d439a3_1927806accompanied by a feeling of never being happy despite dancing according to the rules of the game. It is a helpless feeling of never achieving the ultimate manifestation of ones greatest potential because one may be afraid to take action in order to  control our life experience.

Every one of us on this journey to freedom will undoubtedly have unique challenges during this “limbo of life” . The manifestation of the obstacle or the limbo bar if you will, be it poverty,passion or persecution is the minor difference in the struggle . It is irrelevant. What is pertinent to understand is that everyday we can choose to stop dancing under the limbo bar and stand upright to overcome it

judge lynn toler

On this particular morning March 26th of this year to be exact I woke up to the song of my daily limbo, my alarm clock. I got out of bed and into my car and we danced along to our sole purpose of getting this day over with as soon as possible. I drove to my call center job to which I was reluctantly on time. The further I made it down the hall to my cubicle the more sullen I became. I realized that I was losing the game. I was not happy that the stuff of my life depended on  another persons purpose and it hadn’t helped that I was struggling living paycheck to paycheck. I had bent as far back and as low as I possibly could. After speaking to my supervisor I knew this was my last day.I walked out of that building unsure of what I had just done but I never looked back !This was my First act !

You might ask what freedom could you possibly gain by quitting your job.

Here is brief list of the immediate rewards !

  • Absolute control of my Time
  • Freedom from conventional methods of success
  • Freedom of Creativity
  • Time to cultivate meaningful relationships.

For the past 10 years I had been dancing all around and under my unhappiness . Why ?I needed to know what was next for me.My lack of growth and the belief in my potential brought complexity to a very simple question. Am I happy here ? If the answer is No then it is absolutely time to take the first act towards your freedom !

Please feel free to share your First act towards Freedom and how it has affect your journey. Until next time Keep Searching !

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