On the Journey toward personal freedom I have found it increasingly important to be very organic and as honest as possible.Lets face it. This is the real world.The challenges the average person face in a 24 hr cycle can seem endless. There are problems of all sorts ranging from personal finances to just being comfortable in our own skin. In the face of adversity we must remain concerned with overcoming the obstacles that stand in way of living the best life possible for yourself, what other choice do we have ?

When you are on the path to your Best life you cant afford to be distracted. This is why it is so important to define your freedom and take inventory of your life so that you are aware of what is to be attracted and focused upon. True Freedom is the ultimate goal. When you take inventory of your life you understand that just the presence of yourself means that your resource pool is infinite.Anything outside of yourself that is on your inventory list is icing on the cake. Here we are again left with the question always asked when you have more work to do ? What is next ?
After all we have decided to live a fulfilling and free lifestyle , defined our freedom , and taken inventory of our lives in preparation of this Journey . What is next ? Action ! Today and from here on forward every thought that is productive in this Journey must lead to action.

I leave you again with my next personal assignment . What Action will you without a doubt take Immediately to get you a step closer to your freedom.

Within 7 days I promise myself I will ….in order to get closer to my freedom

My action Promise: Within 7 days I promise myself I will call one of my debtors to make a payment that fits my budget  in order to get closer to my freedom


Feel free to comment with your action in the comment section.Until next time Keep searching !



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