Taking Inventory !
The last time we met we spoke about defining our Freedom and trying articulate what it is that we hoped to achieve from our journey. Lets reflect on some of the items on this list ; financial independence ,deeper relationships, more happiness .After making my list I found myself asking what is next ? What do I with this list full of wishes ? How do I get there ? I sat still trying to conjure up some type of yellow-brick road to emancipation. I had come to the conclusion that there had to be more than one way to Freedom! Furthermore whichever road myself or any sojourner chooses to travel we all know one thing is constant. The constant is the need supplies, resources and information to sustain …. Very simple right ? Imagine you decided to take a camping trip without any prior preparation. You would arrived to your site and realize that perhaps you neglected to pack clean drinking water. What would you do?

Would you turn back giving up on that beautiful peace you planned to experience during your camping trip or do you search for the alternate solution perhaps you brought along an old pot or had knowledge making a filter for your water.Of course we search for the alternate solution.
There is no doubt that along our Journey to freedom you come to a place where we are met with an obstacle to overcome .At this moment do not be discouraged if your are unsure if you have everything you may need for your trip. This is the perfect time to dig deep into yourself.

Take inventory of your personal arsenal in order to better understand your position and what is needed to improve your position. Challenge yourself to utilize any existing resource you have within your grasp. Think of all the little skills you possess from life and how you can utilize them and don’t stop there! People are resources as well. If you have good people in your corner they can be as valuable as a private jet in a time of need.

Here is an assignment if you will !Sit still and take Inventory of your life from top to bottom account for every asset you have access to whether it be a natural ability of your own like emotional intelligence or perhaps you have a car which can attribute to your ability to generate more income. Look at every nook and cranny, take note of anything that can be considered an asset.This will help with confidence in ones ability to succeed on this task towards freedom and also identifying any weaknesses. I will post a picture of my Inventory list below.  Until next time keep searching !

Resource list in Picture Form Keep Searching

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