Define Your Freedom

How do we begin the search for personal freedom ? The question as it stands alone seems to be a very daunting and  impossible task.Every day our society floods our thoughts of what it looks like to be rich or beautiful but have you ever watched a commercial that was advertising freedom.The answer is no such a commercial does not exist because freedom is a personal vision. Once we realize that freedom is not one size fit all  then we come to a moment when there is nothing left to realize except that  it is important to first define what Freedom means to you. Make a list of about 15 items that co that scream happiness and liberation to your most simple self.While making this list be careful to be as honest as possible and have fun !

Below I have made a list of what freedom means to me please feel free to comment with your own list or suggestions. Keep Searching !

  1. Live on my own time.
  2. Financial Stability
  3. Business Owner
  4. Balance in my personal relationships
  5. The ability to be completely honest.
  6. I would like to travel
  7. Freedom from conforming
  8. Confident in myself
  9. Able to express myself through my talents
  10. Free from any obligation that is not in my best interest
  11. The ability to learn without restriction
  12. The ability to love without boundries
  13. Be in Peak Physical Condition
  14. Maintain a Balanced emotional state
  15. Being yourself.



Define Yours



8 thoughts on “Define Your Freedom

    1. Motor home living is a perfect example of living in Freedom. If your mind can imagine it , then it is possible. I hope you keep pushing the envelope with your freedom to the point that you have no choice but to share it with others .
      until next time keep searching !


  1. For me, personal freedom would be to not have to spend my days wondering how I am going to pay bills and be able to just set sail around the world without that hanging over me.
    You’ve been following my blog practically since it started last year so I would like to know how we can co travel more effectively on this life journey. Please check out this link and give me your feedback. I hope I can help you soon.
    ~ Niccolea


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